Wrapping Things Up

I know, I know. It’s hard to believe I’m actually posting two blogs in one month. Perhaps this is because I realize the impending maternity leave is getting closer and I’m hoping to pass the blog off to some other folks . . . .

Atlanta Christmas Market


“Yes!!!” So, maybe I felt this way as we were leaving the Georgia Congress Center. Finishing this event meant our book travels were coming to a close for the year. (And, well, Auburn also won the SEC Championship Game right across the street from us!) It’s been a terrific season of reaching a whole batch of new readers. Thanks to all who helped out with this last show!

Wicksburg High School



I must admit, I was a little nervous when I was asked speak to a group of college AP English students . . . especially, since I would be the first person standing in front of them following their Thanksgiving holiday break. These nerves were a waste of energy because the students were awesome! I expect big things from these guys, writing or otherwise. Thank you to the school and staff for a fabulous bright and early morning!

Geneva City Middle School


Postponed. The doctor said it was time to put my feet up. Looking forward to hanging out with these amazing middle school students next spring!!!

Guest Bloggers

Stay tuned! I’m hoping to introduce you to both some experienced and aspiring writers while I’m on maternity leave. I hope you enjoy hearing from them over the next few months!

Book Two


Insert “big sigh” here. There’s a countdown going on, so things are close . . . really close. I’ll be heading to the printer soon and handing out the manuscript to five practice readers. I’m about to burst with excitement and am very hopeful this book will have a name by the end of the year. Thanks for your enthusiasm during this process!!!

Merry Christmas!


P.S. I’ll officially be on a writing break soon and would love some fiction reading recommendations. Send me a message with your favorites!