Keeping Quiet

Hi All,

As mentioned in the last blog, January was a great month of birthday celebrations! Here’s a few pics documenting the fun:

Bday1 Bday2 Bday3

This month I had the opportunity to do a bit of one of my favorite things – travel! I got to meet my new nephew in Seattle as well as have my first getaway with my husband (post baby) to NYC. Travel continues to fuel my already over active imagination. In fact, I’d be embarrassed to admit how many times my husband asked, “You didn’t hear a word I just said, did you?” Stories are always running through my head!

Harding IMG_0656

In addition to turning one, my little blue-eyed girl hit another big milestone – walking!


Life is very busy, and though I love this season . . . sometimes I feel like it’s going by far too quickly. After much thought in an attempt to simplify my life and give the best of myself to my family and my best writing to you readers, I’ll be updating pretty infrequently in terms of social media/marketing . . . ahem, not that I’ve been the best blogger anyway. So, if you don’t see any book posts for a while on social media please don’t mistake my quiet for inactivity. I’m still here but am choosing to maximize my free writing time for book writing only. I will, of course, continue to answer emails and be in touch as much as time allows. Thanks in advance for understanding! I am so grateful for all of you and thrilled at how many of you have enjoyed Flight To Facilis.

Much Love!