Guest Blogger: Faine News Network

Local Author Pays Visit to Faine Elementary

 On April 4, 2013, local author, Mikelyn Bolden, spoke with Faine Elementary students.  Mrs. Bolden is the author of the new release, Escape from Differe, book one of the Waiz Chronicles.  She said the word waiz comes from wisdom.  Mikelyn’s inspiration for writing the Waiz Chronicles was that she wanted to write a book to help people feel brave.

Most authors type their books on work processors, but Mikelyn wrote Escape from Differe by hand with her funny rabbit pen.  This book took her eighteen months to complete.  She got ideas for the cover in Spain and Paris.  Mikelyn loved trotting the globe for ideas for her book.  Bolden stated that she came up with character names by viewing baby name websites and looking at the meanings of the names.  Like the character, Joel, Mikelyn also hears voices.  She says the voices are mean, but have ended up helping her.

When the author was a child, C.S. Lewis was her favorite author.  Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia.  Lemony Snicket is her current favorite author.

Mikelyn has always enjoyed reading and writing.  She started writing stories in elementary school.  When she takes a break from writing, Mikelyn enjoys going to the movies to see fun kid flicks.  You can follow Bolden on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her very own website,

Written by:  Reggie Sewell, De’Asia Edwards, Caleb Abner, and Makaylah Harvey


WOW! Amazing job, Faine News Network! What a talented group of elementary students!!! Thank you for the wonderful interview and article – you are world changers in the making.

Here’s a pic of the “bunny pen” along with my very loved notebook. (Poor guy lost a foot during the process)