Summer News!

Well, it’s been a while since I posted on here . . . or any social media sites for that matter, but I have a good excuse. Really and truly I do! Before I explain myself here’s a look at the last few months.

Inspiration Vacation:


As mentioned in the last blog, the beginning of May was spent on vacation in Europe. It was glorious time of adventure, inspiration, and rest. We began our trip in Rome then travelled via a cruise ship to Sicily, Turkey, Mykonos, and Crete. We returned to Rome for a few days then headed to Paris before returning home. I was overjoyed to see a few scenes from Book Two come to life in these places . . . I somehow had written about them before I saw them. I also received some much-needed vision for Book Three.


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Later in May I had the privilege of speaking to the local Rotary Club about the writing and publishing process for Escape From Differe. It was my first time sharing about The Waiz Chronicles with an adult audience and I thoroughly enjoyed it! (They all seemed to be okay with my pink hair)


In June The Waiz Chronicles attended its first downtown festival in my hometown. We shared Joel’s story through art, drama, and, of course, the book itself. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!


In July family and friends surrounded us for a night of encouragement and celebration both professionally and personally. Thanks to our moms who helped make that happen!


Book Two:

So, Book Two, I know that’s what you all really want to know about. Since it’s rained nearly everyday since the beginning of the summer, I’ve had plenty of time to be inside and edit. The editors are currently over 100 pages in and they are LOVING IT! My writer’s heart is thrilled. And, it’s so nice to not be alone in the story anymore. Perhaps in the next blog I’ll put in the synopsis. Stay tuned!

Big News:

Okay, time for my lovely and wonderful excuse that I mentioned earlier. Though you haven’t seen or heard from me in the past few months, don’t worry I’ve been working hard—trust me!


Yep, that’s right, I’ve been doing the awesome work of growing a human being! We are overjoyed and thrilled to embrace this little one in 2014.

Thanks for reading the latest. Look for news on Book Two soon!






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