Staying Inspired = Knowing Yourself

Well, not a whole lot of time for a blog post this week, but that’s because I’ve been writing . . . A LOT.

Truth: I like to feel inspired when I write.

Thought: Stay inspired by knowing yourself.

Question: How do I keep enjoying what I’m doing?

Answer: I study myself. Continuously.

I keep a running tab each week of what worked and didn’t work, or in other words, what drained the mess out of me and what gave me life again.

Life-giving moments fuel the inspiration needed for my writing . . . among other things (it’s hard to enjoy anything you’re doing when you feel “kaput”). I have to study myself because I am ever-evolving, so the things that inspire me are constantly changing.

So, what gives you life? What keeps you inspired to continue doing what you’re doing?

I suppose it’d been unfair for me not to at least share two of mine from this week.

1) I laughed. I find as many opportunities as possible to do this. (It helps that I’m extremely ticklish)

2) I sat in the sunshine . . . aka I turned off the running “to-do” list in my head.

Spilling water all over your manuscript for the SECOND time is not inspiring, but after I take a deep breath, I do find it funny . . . and I laugh.

Stay in the game. Stay inspired. Know yourself.

4 thoughts on “Staying Inspired = Knowing Yourself

  1. You are so right! When I get caught up in the “have to(s)”, I get so “Kaput” that I think I end up damaging myself and others. I stay inspired daily when I ask God what to do that day, or when I see something that could look like a challenge (and actually be one), and take it on, with the perspective to make it better then what it is. Digging deep, over looking the negative, basking in the sunshine 🙂

  2. Love this, M. Our souls are complex, so as you say, knowing ourselves is a work in progress. 🙂 Very helpful to remember that things are always changing…so what worked last week might not work this week. Keep us attentive to God–and attentive to our souls. Keep laughing in the sunshine…until you need to do something different!

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