Cover Reveal and Accelerated Reader Test

Sorry it’s been so quiet, but I promise I’ve been busy working! Since my last post (June) Book Two went through one more rewrite (yes, I’m serious), got a name, got a cover, and is ready to be in your hands in December. We’re very excited to offer Flight To Facilis in ebook, paperback, AND hardback. Hooray!!!

FlightToFacilis-Cover-F-2In addition to completing the second book, I traveled all over Alabama for the Alabama Library Expo Tour in October. I enjoyed meeting and hopefully encouraging many of the wonderful librarians in my state. In fact, one of them was kind enough to create an Accelerated Reader Test! Here is the link to download the test for your school: ARQUIZ Escape From Differe. To officially be on Accelerated Reader, a request must be made by a teacher, media specialist, student, or parent of a student. So, that means it is up to the readers! Here’s the link if you would like to suggest a quiz (Takes 3 minutes – the information needed is listed at the bottom of this blog post):


So, you want to know what you’ll find out in Book Two? Here are a few tidbits readers can expect to discover:

Sebastian’s Age
Isabelle and Augustine’s connection
How Andi got his scars
Where Joel is from
If Corwin really is a spy

P.S. You may also find trap doors, tunnels, lightning, horses, disguises, and see a smooch or two between a few main characters.

Cannot wait to put this one in your hands!!!


Accelerated Reader Info: Quiz Type: Reading Practice/Literacy Skills; Book Title: Escape From Differe; Author Name: Mikelyn Bolden; ISBN: 9781414122779; Publisher: WinePress Publishing; Age Level: Middle Grades Plus; Year Published: 2013

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