Book Maps!

The title of this post pretty much sums things up. The maps are located at the top of the “Places & Terms” page. I’m SO excited for you to check them out!

Just as with the book cover design, I did some original drawings for the designers. I’m no artist, but that didn’t stop me from trying to convey my ideas about these worlds. Below are my attempts at doing so.


I’ve done loads of unfamiliar tasks the past nine months and sometimes something as simple as drawing a map makes me feel like an idiot. Yep, I start to feel that way then the phrase, “you’re an idiot” runs through my brain only to confirm what I’m already feeling.  Hmm. Then I’m faced with a choice: Do I believe the voice in my head or do I throw out its words?

Though the feelings and phrases vary, I’m faced with this decision on a daily basis. I’m thankful I know I have a choice and these moments only help to fuel one of the reasons for my writing these books – Not every thought you hear in your head is true.

More to come!


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