What’s on Your Desk?

Well, so far today I’ve been to Kohl’s, Ross For Less, Target, and Michaels in person and a host of other places online. We moved a bookshelf from our bedroom to my office, forcing us to move my desk, which means all the clutter I had neatly piled in the corner is now exposed.

As I sifted through notes from under the pile yesterday, I was elated yet aggravated to find information that I needed about a hundred pages back for the writing of Book Two. Awesome. Sigh. Not really.

The “need to organize” syndrome set in swiftly.

Aha! I’m starting to see the surface of my desk again. The printer that I have a love/hate relationship with (I’m assuming someone knows what I mean here) has been moved from my desk to create more space. I intend for the space to be well-used aka not for clutter.

Now, I showed you what cup I drink from two weeks ago, but here’s a mug that I showcase on my desk:

One of the coolest people in my life made this for me. I quit my job the week before Christmas and battled the voices of worry: “You’re quitting your job at the most expensive time of the year!” “What if the book doesn’t work out?” “You don’t know what you’re doing!” My sister is a ridiculously creative gift giver, and this Christmas gift was no exception. The gift and its message came at a timely moment in my life. The “happy writer mug”, as I call it, sits on my desk as a reminder of who I am and of the people who love me. It also silences those stupid voices.

Here’s another staple item that sits on my desk:

This is a note from a dear friend of mine. With this note came two bags of “share size” M&M’s. I’m only a tad embarrassed to say that I consumed them by myself in less than 24 hours (had it been two boxes of Junior Mints they’d have been gone in less time). M&M’s are a big deal at my house. I married a guy with an “m” name also so there’s M&M stuff galore around here. I received this gift just prior to heading into one of my toughest weeks of editing. In a nutshell her card brilliantly communicated the “you can do it” message. The card is a mainstay to remind me that, “Yes, I can do it.”

To take it a little deeper, this amazing friend and I have fought harder to preserve our friendship more than any other relationship I’ve been involved in. So, her card also reminds me that some things are indeed worth fighting for.

So now I’m completely curious…what’s on your desk?

Much Love! m

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4 thoughts on “What’s on Your Desk?

  1. nothing fun on my desk, but on my wall and bookshelf (within reach) are photos of people I love…one of you… and cards from the people I love…one from you!

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