The Good, and the Not So Good

Where have you been?

  1. Playing hooky
  2. Meeting filmmakers
  3. Writing, rewriting, writing
  4. Marketing, designing, marketing
  5. Editing, editing, editing

If you guessed all of the above, you’d be right (yes, it was a trick question). I had to officially change my job title to “author” because it was driving me bonkers to be called the “writer” then…well, you see the list of writing distractions on the multiple choice list. So, I’ve been “authoring” it up around here, but I hope to blog with a little more frequency now that … well, just see below.

The Good: Besides some little details (like choosing the book genre for different buyers and SETTING A RELEASE DATE), everything for Escape from Differe is done. Holla! The back and front cover – done. The maps – done. The last round of edits – DONE!

How many computers did it take to review the last round of edits?

  1. Two Macs and One PC
  2. Two PCs
  3. Three Macs

“A” is the correct answer. Yes, the Macs outnumbered the borrowed PC, and as much as I hate to admit it, the PC ended up being the most helpful due to a particular software.

How many editors has the manuscript been to?

  1. Two
  2. Seven
  3. Five

The Not So Good: Five editors equals five different opinions being thrown your way. People ask me if it’s painful to get the reviews back. Not at this point. So far everyone’s been extremely kind. They love the story and have graciously provided input to make it even more fantastic; however, they do not all agree at times.  In a nutshell, I’ve had a challenging couple of weeks making thirty pages worth of corrections in this last round of editing (it was as fun as it sounds). I made my decision to change some grammatical elements based on the readers – YOU. I want this book and the writing to be a powerful experience for you. In fact, I don’t just want you to read the book – I want you to find yourself in the story. So, the not so good is that this decision may delay the release of the book. It was a tough decision  (I’m SO ready for you to see it!), but the editors’ overall advice caused me to rethink some areas. Then I had a dream regarding the changes, so figured that must be a sign. 🙂

Thank you for your continued support, kind words, love, and, of course, patience. I am waiting in anticipation with you!

Much Love,


P.S. Happy Football!

10 thoughts on “The Good, and the Not So Good

  1. Mikelyn: Getting SO excited about the book’s publication. Same Sweet Girls, our book club, will look forward to a visit from you when your schedule allows!

    Mary Lise

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