Places & Terms

The Waiz Lingo

Bridge of Miren: (Mer – in) Waiz landmark serving as the dividing line between Old and New Waiz.

Caychura: (Cay – chur – uh) Legendary places used to connect with the Majestic’s presence and power.

Differe: (Di – fear) Region of indifference containing the Temple of Differe School, Trompe, city, and factories. It is snowy, dark and resistant to change.

Facilis: (Fuh – sil – lus) Politically neutral city located in the West End.

Kalona: (Kuh – lone – uh) Village communities located throughout Old Waiz.

Majestic: Old Waiz’s Deity.

Moonstruck: Old building on the temple grounds with its original purpose being to house unruly students.

Norrac: (Nore – rack) Vehicle used in Old Waiz made from part-wagon and part-carriage.

Northern and Southern Regions: Lands separating Differe and Waiz . . . more to come in future books.

The Temple of Differe School: Most prestigious facility in all Differe with its reformatory principles holding immeasurable power over students and Differe’s politics.

Teneh: (Tin – ay) Object used to pay homage to the Majestic.

Trompe: (Trom – pay) Medical facility in Northern Differe.

Rhydid: (Rye – did) Weapon used by those following the Majestic.

Waiz: (Wise) Region of wisdom containing traditional Old Waiz in the north and progressive New Waiz in the south. It is warm, colorful and political.