Places & Players

Places & Terms

Bridge of Miren: (Mer – in) Waiz landmark serving as the dividing line between Old and New Waiz.

Caychura: (Cay – chur – uh) Legendary places used to connect with the Majestic’s presence and power.

Differe: (Di – fear) Region of indifference containing the Temple of Differe School, Trompe, city, and factories. It is snowy, dark and resistant to change.

Facilis: (Fuh – sil – lus) Politically neutral city located in the West End.

Kalona: (Kuh – lone – uh) Village communities located throughout Old Waiz.

Majestic: Old Waiz’s Deity.

Moonstruck: Old building on the temple grounds with its original purpose being to house unruly students.

Norrac: (Nore – rack) Vehicle used in Old Waiz made from part-wagon and part-carriage.

Northern and Southern Regions: Lands separating Differe and Waiz . . . more to come in future books.

The Temple of Differe School: Most prestigious facility in all Differe with its reformatory principles holding immeasurable power over students and Differe’s politics.

Teneh: (Tin – ay) Object used to pay homage to the Majestic.

Trompe: (Trom – pay) Medical facility in Northern Differe.

Rhydid: (Rye – did) Weapon used by those following the Majestic.

Waiz: (Wise) Region of wisdom containing traditional Old Waiz in the north and progressive New Waiz in the south. It is warm, colorful and political.


Joel: “Crazy,” “disturbed,” “stupid,” “pathetic.” These are the last names the seventeen-year-old redhead has been given at the Temple of Differe School. The voices in his head incline him to believe these labels are true until he hears of a place that could set him free.

Augustine Bennett: This dark-haired beauty masks her hurt from a painful past with arrogance and a sharp tongue, which she typically directs at Joel. She travels to Waiz with the other three as her brother’s caregiver.

Sebastian Bennett: This young boy’s sweet personality balances out his sister’s fiery tongue. He journeys to Waiz to elude Differe’s poisons of cooler temperatures and toxic emotions, which have been deadly to his crippled frame since birth.

Corwin Atticus: The burly mountain man is the trio’s guide to Waiz. His elusive language intrigues and ruffles his companions throughout their adventures.

Isabelle Chanton: This willowy blond was hidden with Joel in Moonstruck before she was eventually released as the headmaster’s singing puppet. She was Joel’s best friend before she forfeited their relationship in order to keep her temple status.

Sarah Harte: The music teacher at the temple and the accused “insider” that helped Joel escape.

Delano Dark: The headmaster of the temple who holds an aura much like his name.

Emerson Louis: The history professor at the temple and Headmaster Dark’s closest counselor.

Holt Langston: Joel’s brawny archenemy and Isabelle’s possessive beau.

Haskell Rutherford: A quirky, round shopkeeper in Old Waiz and Joel’s first boss.

Andropolis Fidel: The scar-faced apprentice of the New Waiz Order, eager to gain membership and redeem his family name.