Birthday Month Hiatus

My family has a thing for the month of January. Really it’s true! My nephew turns one next week and his daddy (my brother) will also turn another year older. My birthday comes a week after my brother’s which also happens to be the due date of my sister’s first baby this year. AND, my sweet little Izzy will cap off the month with her first birthday.

Have one big bash you say? Nah, that’s not how we do things. If there’s a reason to celebrate, we do! That being said, I’ll be taking a writing hiatus for a little bit. If you’ve read Book Two, don’t worry. The 150 pages I cut from the original manuscript is Book Three’s introduction. So, technically I have started the third installment. I will also be pushing most of my speaking engagements to early spring (I am SO excited to connect with my readers!).

And by the way, a big THANK YOU to all those who joined Joel on his Flight to Facilis! I hope it brought you loads of light and perspective for what you’re accomplishing on your own journey. You can find or share all the purchasing information here.

Excited to see what the new year brings!


P.S. We did sneak away to Paris over Thanksgiving (see below). The place always inspires new ways to describe things.

Pink Card